The technological evolution in fire protection closures with fire curtains

Intisi 7 is the future in fabric fire curtains for invisible fire protection closures since it is the first smart fire protection closure system resistant to up to 1100ºC for 120 minutes with maximum dimensions 22 metres wide non-overlapped, meeting the fire protection objectives envisaged in the Technical Construction Codes.

With Intisi 7 vertical closure fire curtains we have developed a complex fire closure system centering on the design and optimization of all the components, thus creating a new generation of fabric fire curtains achieving reliability, precision and safety for people and buildings.

Intisi 7 vertical fabric closure fire curtains. A change of perspective

Intisi 7 vertical fire closure curtains are the first smart fabric fire barriers rated EI 120 that permit total integration in any space thanks to their optimized construction dimensions. The Intisi 7 system provides complete safety from fire and only occupies a minimal space from 19 cm, which means that large open concept spaces can be maintained without any visual impediments.