Intisi 7 fabric fire curtains and Intisi 3 smoke barriers are provided with a programmed configured control mechanism to control efficient effective operation of the system.

  • Operability. Effective closure of the closure barriers in a controlled manner.
  • Customized programming. Its advanced processor permits hosting a large number of programming parameters.
  • Intelligence. Permits the closure device to resolve problems autonomously through its constant self-diagnosis and self-analysis status.
  • Memory. Memory capacity for up to 255 events.
  • Communication. Users are provided information in real time about the status of the system via WIFI, TCP-IP, GSM, etc.
  • Safety. Permits evacuation of any people who are trapped within the fire area and intervention of the firefighter.
  • Polyvalence. Fitted with connectors for linking up fire detectors.



  • Advanced i3 processor with 32 bit architecture
  • Remote connectivity to advanced applications (WIFI, TCP-IP, GSM, etc.)
  • Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM)
  • Hall effect encoder providing 6000 bits of information / minute
  • 24V emergency UPS device that automatically manages and charges its batteries
  • 230VAC/50Hz power supply
  • Size: 315 x 320 x 85 mm



The advanced technology featured in the SI03c smart control core permits personalized programming of the parameters as required for individual circumstances.

  • Basic programming from the control unit.
  • Advanced programming via the INTISOFT® application with technical mode functions and control of maintenance parameters.
  • Special emergency exit programming for evacuation of any people who are in the fire area.



Permits remote monitoring of the event and status log (in real time) of the Intisi 7 fire curtains.