FIPA 2019 exhibition - Valencia, Spain (27 February - 1 March 2019)

Intisi will participate again in the world's leading trade fair for automatic doors FIPA 2019.

INTISI will participate for the second consecutive year in the specialized trade fair for automatic doors held every 2 years in Valencia (Spain) in a space of 30 m2 in LEVEL 2, PAVILION 1, BOOTH D47.

After the success of the first 2017 edition, the event comes this year strong with more than a hundred national and international firms pioneering in innovation in the field of automatic doors, for this reason INTISI rely on this event to introduce the latest novelties in fire curtains as an element of invisible fire sectoring.

"We have chosen FIPA 2019 to carry out the launching of our last fire curtains innovations because it is the reference showcase of the technologies in the field of the most challenging automatic doors" - explains Elías López Giménez, CEO and founder at INTISI - "In this way, from INTISI we still committed to this kind of events as a dynamic element of the national and international market" - Elías proceeds.

Join us at FIPA 2019.

  • Date: 27, 28 February to 1 March 2019.
  • Location: Feria Valencia: Avinguda de les Fires, s/n, 46035 Valencia (Spain)
  • Stand: Booth D47 (Level 2 - Pavilion 1)
  • Entry/Ticket: Get your free ticket and access to the site without lines by clicking here.

INTISI 7 fire curtains represents a paradigm shift in architecture and a new way of offering to the building fire safety without altering its design and functionality. For this reason, during the event the technical specialist of INTISI will offer workshops and demonstrations in our booth D47 to show the latest technological innovations in the field of fire curtains:

  • UNE 23740-2. The standard about installation and maintenance that you should know.
CARLOS ELIAS LOPEZ SANCHEZ | Production Engineering
Fire curtains are designed to prevent the spread of fire from one sector to another during a certain period of time. But, in the way that design is paramount to ensure its effectiveness, fire curtains shall be properly installed and maintained so that they can fulfil the function for which they were created.
The purpose of UNE 23740-2 standard is to provide information regarding the installation of fire curtains so that they can correctly perform the function for which they were designed. It is also de object of this regulation to establish the minimum maintenance operations of these elements to guarantee the durability of their features.
The person in charge of standardization and testing of INTISI will do an explanatory workshop on this standard, which is generating so much controversy in the market of fire closures.

  • INTISOFT® for safe and intelligent control
MIGUEL SANZ BOTEY | Engineering and Development Manager
Fire partitions plays a fundamental role in the protection of lives and properties in the event of fire. In order to guarantee this performance, INTISI launches a software for professionals capable of carrying out the tasks of programming, commissioning, maintenance and technical service in a fast, comfortable and efficient manner.
Our R+D+i manager will make a demonstration on which tools INTISOFT® puts at your disposal.

  • Automatic and intelligent fire closure without the need for energy. How?
MIGUEL SANZ BOTEY | Engineering and Development Manager
The main characteristic of fire curtains is their ability to close by gravity at a controlled speed without the need for electrical power. INTISI has patented a technology capable of guaranteeing this service under any circumstance with the "ISF GRAVITY FAIL SAFE" technology.
Our R+D+i manager will make a demonstration on how this innovative technology works in the sector of automatic closures.

  • Textile technology as a fire partition
XENIA LÓPEZ SÁNCHEZ | Business Development Manager
The acknowledged technical textiles or textiles for technical use (TUT), like many products and innovations, owe their rapid development to the aerospace and military industry, which for decades have been investing in the search of solutions to face various problems, among others, extreme environmental conditions. This textile technology base has been adopted by INTISI due to the great number of possibilities it offers, and which represents an important qualitative leap for the fire protection, and specially for the fire partitions.
The INTISI specialist will present this textile technology and its great versatility in fire compartmentation.