Intersec Dubai (UAE) conclusions

Intisi celebrates the success of the launch of the new Intisi 7 fire curtains

From 21st to 23rd January 2018 Intisi presented at Intersec Dubai 2018 the new family of Intisi 7 fire curtains in a space where innovation and technology cames into operation to bring the visitor a different experience.

"Intisi it is characterized by being 'different'" - explains Elías López, CEO and Founder of Intisi - "This difference is denoted from the brand to the prodcuts we develop and manufacture, for this reason this 20th edition of Intersec seemed like a great opportunity to make the visitor share with our team an authentic Intisi experience" - follows Elías López.

Intisi has been launching in premiere for three consecutive years the latest innovations in fire curtains and smoke barriers as our R+D department works everyday to develop new fabric systems to comply with fire safety and smoke control requests.