Intisi guest speaker at SHARE Bucharest 2018

"Fire curtains to comply with the most demanding architecture challanges" was the subject of Intisi's presentation in SHARE Burcharest 2018

Xènia López, Business Development Manager at Intisi participated as guest speaker in the International Architectura and Engineering Forum SHARE Bucharest 2018 last 27nd March 2018.

During her speech, Xènia López introduced through a significant reference how fire curtains, as an innovation in passive fire safety issue, allow architecture to overcome design canons and maintain the high architectonic value of the buildings.

The congress, which is celebrated annually in Bucharest (Rumania), brings the most renowned international architects together which are the ones who take the path of innovation in architecture and engineering, and on exploration of new materials and technologies for designing a smart and sustainable built environment. Accordingly, Intisi participated for second time introducing how fire curtains make the most demanding architectural challenges happen.

Intisi, moreover, was during the congress in Skylux booth discussing with the assistants and answering their technical concerns with regard to fire curtains.