Intisi 7 fire curtains receive the Applus+ Fire Safety certification

The quality and high performance of the Intisi 7 fire curtains is recognized by the Applus+ Fire Safety certification.

In order to ensure the quality and features of Intisi 7 fire curtains evaluated during the test are maintained over time, Intisi has subjected the Intisi 7 fire range to the strictest certification models.

The Intisi 7 fire curtains now have a quality label issued by Applus+, one of the most recognized fire laboratories in the world, which back up its high fire performances. The Applus+ Fire Safety certificate is intended to provide industry players with the clear and straightforward means of identifying those certified products that come with an added assurance of quality based in international standards, both European and American, with ongoing factory inspections.

In this way, and with the aim of certifying the fire protection features, Intisi is the first manufacturer of fire curtains to achieve this voluntary mark.